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(Telematics vehicle on – board diagnostics). Commercial vehicles are equipped with a combined telematics and diagnostic unit that allows remote identification and execution of diagnostic sessions. Connected to a diagnostic socket (OBD connector), the system can interact with in-vehicle control units (ECUs) and request relevant data from different systems without having to stop at a service center.


(trailer on-board telematics-diagnostics). Telematics equipment specially designed for trailers. It is a sealed unit (IP67) with diagnostic capabilities for EBS and cooling systems. Connection options include GSM / GPRS, Bluetooth and CAN. It also has interfaces for diagnostics via CAN, RS-232 and K-line. It has an internal battery to prevent data loss and keep in touch with the server when uncoupling the trailer. It also allows you to configure analog and / or digital inputs to monitor specific metrics for each business line. In short, it is a device that detects, diagnoses and reports on the condition of the trailer, with its simple and quick installation and maximum guarantee.

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